Heart of Africa: Algeria Hostage Crisis (Dan Glazebrook) & Impact of Obama’s 2nd Term, On Africa (Don DeBar)

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Algeria Hostage Crisis (Dan Glazebrook) & Impact of Obama’s 2nd Term, On Africa (Don DeBar)

This week’s episode of Heart Of Africa has two in depth discussions on matters currently affecting Africa. Dan Glazebrook gave thought provoking insight on how Algeria is being affected by France’s invasion of Mali, at both regional and global contexts. The situation in Algeria was critically signified by the hostage crisis that occurred in Algeria near its border with Libya last week. It has been described as the world’s largest hostage crisis in recent years. Algeria is significantly caught in the matrix of the current state of affairs in Libya – that started in 2011 leading to the execution of Muammar al-Qaddafi; and the current military invasion of Mali. Dan Glazebrook is a political analyst, teacher, and journalist. He participates regularly in international media through writing, presentations and interviews.

Don DeBar gave a critical analysis on the impact of President Obama’s second term on Africa. President Obama was inaugurated publicly on this week on Monday 21st of January 2013. His re-election came after very much unprecedented events that occurred across Africa in his first term. The discussion is not short of some of the relevant offices that directly manage the US’ foreign policy on Africa. There are a number of US operations of concern in Africa including the expansion of its military command for Africa, AFRICOM, which was set up a month before Obama’s first election. The activities of African governments that work hand in hand with the US and its associates in Africa, are also of concern.

Kudakwashe, the presenter, concludes the show with relevant encouragement from biblical perspectives. Don Debar is a journalist based in New York. He is the former morning news director for Pacifica Radio’s WBAI in NYC, who now hosts a daily morning radio program over cprmetro.org. Don is a frequent commentator on political and economic justice issues in various international media, including Russia Today and PressTV.

Heart of Africa is broadcasted live every Wednesday night at 2100 hours Central Africa Time (British Winter Time) or 2000 hours Central Africa Time (British Summer Time), on www.morelightradio.com. It is dedicated to examining matters that affect Africa from a Pan-African Christian perspective, as we envisage the revival of the African dream. Comments and questions welcome here or via twitter @HeartOfAfrica55. All rights reserved.

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