Heart Of Africa: Mohamed Morsi’s Ouster – A Will Of The Egyptian People? With Dan Glazebrook

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Mohamed Morsi’s Ouster – A Will Of The Egyptian People? – With Dan Glazebrook

This week on Heart of Africa, Kudakwashe hosted Dan Glazebrook, a prolific political analyst, academic, and journalist, in a broadly informative discussion on the  current political crisis in Egypt, surrounding the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.

Dan makes the vital argument is that this ouster was not in the interests of the Egyptian people but of the imperialist powers, who have been manipulating Egypt’s instability for many years. Dan participates regularly in international media through writing, presentations and interviews. His main subjects are international relations and the use of state violence in British domestic and foreign policy.

Last week on Wednesday the 3rd of July, Egypt’s army ousted President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, and suspended the country’s constitution. Since then, the unrest that started in December 2012, has intensified. Morsi has been detained in military facility with a number of top aides; and army troops have been deployed throughout Egypt.  On Monday the army opened fire on Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood supporters during morning prayers. Up to 54 been killed so far.

There have been responses from around the world. Firstly the African Union (AU) had a meeting last Friday where they decided to suspend Egypt from the AU. Suspension is the AU’s normal response to any disruption of constitutional rule by a member state. It is then lifted when a country has held a free election once again.

Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair stated that “stability in the Middle East is not somebody else’s job, it’s ours (Britain & allies). It will be a difficult and expensive struggle, and it is essential the people of the region know the west is on their side.” This comment brings concern as to the significance of the desires of the Egyptian people in such a scenario.

Wall Street Journal has reported that “Egypt needs a Pinochet“. Pinochet was the Chilean dictator who presided over the torture and murder of thousands, shockingly the free-market right reveres him. To note the UK independent, not an Egyptian or African paper, on the day of the coup published the names of Egypt’s interim President and Prime Minister, Adly Mansour and Mohamed ElBaradei, respectively.

Yesterday Press TV revealed the interim President as Adly Mansour, who has sweeping legislative powers, Vice Presidentas the  liberal economist Hazem al-Beblawi – who was Egypt’s Former Finance Minister, and Mohamed ElBaradei, a Nobel Peace Winner & International Atomic Energy Agency chief,  as Vice President.

The Obama administration has been criticised for remaining silent over the violence going on in Egypt.  On the other hand it has been reported that US defence secretary, Chuck Hagel, had been in contact twice with Egypt’s army chief, Gen. Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi, in the past week. Hundreds of US crisis response marines have also been positioned to deploy to Egypt. On social networks, Egyptians have flooded thousands and thousands of on President Obama & the White House‘s Facebooks.

The scholar Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya has written an in depth critical analysis of the strategic plan surrounding the situation in Egypt. He states that, before it was ousted, the Muslim Brotherhood was confronted with serious structural constraints in Egypt, therefore it made substantive wrong decisions. The diverse challenges they therefore faced made the foundations of President Morsi’s government weaker.

Egyptians have been protesting since December 2012. Mahdi explains that  the masses detested the Muslim Brotherhood’s collaboration with the US and Israel, hence large components of the protests against President Morsi were actually anti-American and anti-Israeli. He adds that in reality, both USA and Muslim Brotherhood have been manipulating each other for one to serve the other’s interests. Today, it has been reported that the US is sending more F-16 fighter jets to Egypt.

Brian Jones on Russian Today, sheds light on the strength of Egypt’s army to the extend to their desire to control Egypt’s control.  He added that, unlike the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian military gives far greater guarantees about the protection of US interests in Egypt. He asserts that President Morsi was democratically elected though he was not democratic.

Kudakwashe’s guest, Dan Glazebrook brings fundamental knowledge and understanding of Egypt’s history over many years, bringing contemporary history and today’s events, into the broader context in Egypt’s history. He makes the vital point that the ouster of Mohamed Morsi was not in the interests of the Egyptian people but of the imperialist powers, who have have been manipulating Egypt’s instability for many years.

He fundamentally informs the listener of the works of imperialist powers in strategic levels – Plan A, B, and C. Plan A was the ouster of Mubarak. Plan B was the ‘election’ of Morsi. Plan C was the ouster of Morsi. Exposing more strategies of imperialism, he elicits that all the works of imperialism manifesting in Africa are indicating that its power is waning, and that much of what is happening across Africa is due to its desperation to hold on to power.

Dan also brings valuable information about the power of the Egyptian army in the country, strengthened by the USA, with an allocated budget of USD$2 billion per year. Egypt is a strategic partner in the relations between the USA and Israel, consequentially in extending the power of these two nations across the entire Middle East. Dan also spoke on the devastation of the International Monetary Fund’s Structural Adjustment Programme to the country over the past years.

Dan gives more plausible information that would be more beneficial for the reader to listen to for greater understanding, especially in regard to the impact of the crisis in Egypt in the whole of the Middle East, as well as its connectivity to wars in Libya and Mali.

Kudakwashe concludes the programme with biblical perspectives from Isaiah 19, where there is a prophecy on Egypt. She encourages Egyptians, and all Africans to turn their hearts completely to God for Him to bring healing and prosperity across the land. She brings significant insight shown in the bible regarding the benefit of unity between Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria.

Heart of Africa is broadcasted live every Wednesday night at 2000 hours Central Africa Time (1900hours British Summer Time), on www.morelightradio.com. It is dedicated to examining matters that affect Africa from a Pan-African Christian perspective, as we envisage the revival of the African dream. Comments and questions welcome here or via twitter @HeartOfAfrica55. All rights reserved.

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